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Ethiopian households gain acces to a free-flow of safe drinking water in their house with a Nazava Water Filter. Their kids can drink water when they want and how much they want, without getting ill.

Our water filters use a ceramic-filter with pores of 0.4 micrometer.  Bacteria (0.5 micrometre) cannot get through. Silver impregnation on the ceramic filter prevents replication of the bacteria, and activated carbon filters out taste, odor and removes colouring. Each water filter candle can purify up to 7,000 liter and the water filter stores 16 liter of safely stored and purified drinking water which means that you will never run out of water again.

Benefits of Nazava water Filters


Nazava uses Dutch water filtration technology and design which is proven to be able to remove and kill 99.9 % of bacteria this means that after filtration the water is 100 % safe to drink. The first of its kind in Ethiopia.


If you use a Nazava water filter you do not have to boil or buy water any more. Imagine how much money you can save.

More Convenient

With a Nazava water filter you will never run out of drinking water anymore. Also you do not have to spend time boiling or buying water anymore. Our replacement filters last for a long time. They can filter 7000 liters which translates to up to 3 years.

Nazava Riam water filter for Ethiopian families

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Certificates and test result of our water filters


Nazava Water Purifiers are WHO certified

nazava fmhaca fmacha Ethiopian FDA certificate for Nazava Riam water filter

FMHACA Certificate

Nazava water purifiers are certified by FMHACA, Ethiopia

Amhara water resources and schemes management directorate test bahir dar ethiopia

Bahir Dar Laboratory

Test by Bahir Dar bureau of water resources, from Amhara state, Ethiopia

Impact created by Nazava water filters in Ethiopia

filters sold
people with improved health
reduced tCO2 emissions

What our ethiopian clients say

 I live in  Jabi Woreda, W/Gojjam Zone. Amhara Region. I  bought a water filter on Credit and I  have repaid the credit now.   

I bought  the filter because before  we got water from the river which we  drunk directly without any treatment because of that the whole family got sick especially  my childre.    

Now my entire family is happy and free from any diarrhea!  The children are not willing to drink unfiltered water. My children like the taste of the water. Since we started using the filter we have not had  stomach ache, headache nor Watery Diarrhea (WDA). I recommended this excellent water filter to  40 people around my kebele. 

Yesezer Mekonen - testimony Nazava Ethiopia
Yesezer Mekonen
Farmer & Women Development Agent

WHO WE ARE ( About us)

Nazava Trading PLC is a social enterprise with the mission to provide safe and affordable drinking water to all Ethiopians by selling the best and most affordable water filters.  Nazava Trading PLC is a joint venture of Resilience BV from the Netherlands & Shayashone .   


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